Congratulations Class of 2017!

Congratulations to the 17 MS and 3 PhD graduates of our class of 2017! Read more at our news page.


GE donates CT reconstruction console

GE Healthcare generously donated to our program this CT reconstruction console for education and research. Identical to state-of-the-art clinical systems, this console allows investigating CT image formation processes and parameters as well as the resulting effects on image quality for our patients.


10-year educational partnership with Siemens

Our program begins a 10-year educational partnership with Siemens Healthcare to enable a synergistic exchange of educational resources and expertise. Our faculty, residents, and students can access cutting-edge clinical equipment at the Siemens educational facility at Cary, NC for training and research.



We are delighted to announce a new diagnostic imaging residency position exclusively for our graduates. The position is part of the CAMPEP-accredited Duke Imaging Physics Residency and is open to all MS graduates of our program. Plans for additional residency slots in the future are underway.

Making an Impact

Our students and alumni are the stars of this video. In their own words, they tell us why they were drawn to the exciting field of medical physics, and why they chose to come to Duke. This short film was made entirely in-house by members of our program.