Program Courses

Core Courses

MP 500 Radiation Physics(3 c.h.)  
MP 505 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicist (3 c.h.) 
MP 530A Medical Imaging Physics (3 c.h.) 
MP 541 Nuclear medicine physics (3 c.h.)
MP 720 Radiation therapy physics (3 c.h.)  
MP 710 Radiation protection (3 c.h.)  

Track Specific Courses

MP 714 Clinical Dosimetry Measurements. 
MP 715 Advanced Topics in Radiation Detection and Dosimetry. 
MP 718 Clinical practicum and shadowing (Medical Health Physics) (3 c.h.) 
MP 743 Basic Concepts of Internal Radiation Dosimetry. 

MP 722 Advanced Photon Beam Radiation Therapy(3 c.h.) .
MP 723 Advanced Brachytherapy and Special Procedures (3 c.h.) 
MP 727 Observership in clinical radiation oncology (1 c.h.) 
MP 728  Clinical Practicum and Shadowing (Radiation Therapy) (3 c.h.)  
MP 729 MP clinical internship (10 c.h.) 
MP 731 Advanced Medical Imaging Physics (3 c.h.)  
MP 733 Clinical practicum and shadowing (Diagnostic Imaging) (3 c.h.)  
MP 742 Radionuclide and radiotracer production (3 c.h.) 
MP 744 PET and SPECT Image Reconstruction and Analysis 
MP 746 Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry 
MP 748 Clinical Practicum and Shadowing (Nuclear Medicine)  (3 c.h.) 

Seminar, Frontier and Elective Courses

MP 726  Practicum on Monte Carlo Methods in Medical Physics (1-3 c.h.)
MP 751 Medical physics seminar (1 c.h.) 
MP 761 Biostatistics for medical physicists (3 c.h.) 
MP 770 Frontiers of Biomedical Sciences (3 c.h.)  
MP 791 Independent Study