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Best Medical/AAPM Fellowship 2017

James Spencer (MS'17/DI Resident) and Chunhao Wang (PhD'16/RT Resident) have been awarded the Best Medical/AAPM Fellowship 2017, representing two out of five recipients of the fellowship. James Spencer is being awarded for his abstract titled: “BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): X-Ray Diffraction Spectral Imaging for Breast Cancer Assessment”, and Chuhao Wang for his latest abstracts on MR-Guided Radiation Oncology Application.


Radiation Protection Needs Workshop

Dr. Terry Yoshizumi (Radiology) participated in the Radiation Protection Research Needs Workshop on June 05- 06, 2017, in Oak Ridge, TN. More than one hundred subject matter experts from federal agencies, universities and privet sector organizations attended this invitation-only workshop to discuss radiation protection research needs during the next three to five years, what specific research topics would significantly advance radiation protection in their respective organization/area and where are the gaps between established practices/knowledge and identified needs occurred. The workshop was organized by Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Health Physics Society.


Health Physics Grant Recipients

Aaron Smith (MS'17), Bria Moore (PhD'20), Steven Hyatt (MS'18), and Justin Raudabaugh (PhD'23) were honored with Health Physics Society Travel Grants at the 2017 Annual Health Physics Meeting that was held on July 09 – 13, in Raleigh, NC.  Two papers were presented by Bria Moore and one paper by Aaron Smith.

B. Moore, M. Belley, M. Therien, B. Langloss, T. Yoshizumi. Performance Characteristics of Novel Nano-particle based Detector System.

B. Moore, J. Chino, M. Therien, T. Yoshizumi . Clinical Trial in External Beam Radiation Therapy using Nano-particle detector.

A. Smith, G. Nguyen, C. Lowry, T. Yoshizumi. Effects of High Volume MOSFET Dosimetry in Pediatric CT.

From left to right: Steven Hyatt (MS student), Bria Moore (PhD candidate) Justin Raudabaugh (PhD student), K. Roland Womack (MS 2015), Aaron Smith (MS 2017), Terry Yoshizumi, Chu Wang (PhD 2016), and Sue Kurgatt.


Belley Named Univ Rhode Island MedPhys Co-Director

(2017-16-19) Matthew D. Belley (PhD 2015) was appointed Interim co-Director for the Medical Physics Graduate Program at the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Belley is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Brown University and a Medical Physicist at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Rhode Island Hospital. His research concentrated in radiation dosimetry, Monte Carlo simulations, medical device development, and radiobiology studies.



2017 AAPM Award Finalists

(2017-16-19) Yingxuan Chen, MedPhys PhD student, and Chunhao Wang (PhD 2016/Duke RadOnc MedPhys Resident) have been selected as finalists for the prestigious John R. Cameron Young Investigator Symposium at 2017 AAPM Annual Meeting. Ms. Chen's abstract entitled: "Low Dose CBCT Low Dose CBCT Reconstruction Via Prior Contour Based Total Variation Regularization (PCTV)” Y. Chen*, F. Yin, Y. Zhang, L. Ren, and Dr. Wang’s abstract entitled: ”Development of a Motion-Robust 4D-MRI Technique Based On a Golden-Ratio Optimized Sparse Acquisition and Spatiotemporal-Constrained Sorting” C. Wang*, F. Yin, Z. Chang, J. Cai.