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Kapadia interviewed for Medical Physics Web

(2013-09-17) Program faculty member Anuj Kapadia and his student Rodrigo Viana were interviewed in the September edition of the Medical Physics Web. The story highlights their August paper in Physics in Medicine and Biology entitled "3D element imaging using NSECT for the detection of renal cancer: a simulation study in MCNP." Neutron Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography (NSECT) is a new form of neutron imaging, which was applied in this paper for renal cancer detection. Dr. Kapadia said, "Using Monte-Carlo simulations, we showed that NSECT could be used to map in 3D the volume and surface of a tumor in the kidneys based on the composition of the malignant tissue." The image below is taken from the PMB paper, and shows the 2D images (left), mean pixel intensities (middle) and volume-rendered 3D images (right) for combinations of various isotopes that act as imaging biomarkers.


Open House on Oct 18, 2013

(2013-09-08) Duke Medical Physics is holding an Open House on Friday Oct 18, 2013, 10 am - 6 pm. Come visit Duke and learn more about medical physics and our graduate program! Each fall, the open house brings prospective students to campus for a full day event. You will have a chance to meet faculty and students, tour our facilities, and much more. The Open House page will be updated with the latest information and schedules.

New website goes live!

(2013-08-28) After years of planning and several months of intense work, we are proud to debut the redesign of our website. This is the 3rd version of the site since our program launched almost 9 years ago. (Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you can actually see snapshots of the first 2 versions from Dec 2004 and Jul 2009.) The new site boasts a modern, elegant look as well as lots of custom features such as:

  • Enter via 1 of 3 portals designed for prospective students, colleagues interested in our faculty & research, or members of the community.
  • Meet our faculty and students via interactive portraits that showcase their affiliations across 5 departments and 4 tracks.
  • Each faculty portrait leads to a personalized page describing research and publications, with data sourced from the new Scholars@Duke.
  • Each student portrait queries a database of >250 student publications, which can also be searched by name, year, keyword.
  • Track our student statistics for admissions and job placement.
  • Home page sliders and news links on most pages to highlight latest developments.
  • Dozens of pictures taken by our own students, staff, and faculty.

Within the past month, there were also major website redesigns for Radiology and Radiation Oncology, our 2 biggest departments.

Sep seminars: Segars, Cai, etc.

(2013-08-26) The fall semester begins today. Here are the first few talks of the semester for MP 751 Seminars in Medical Physics. See that link for the latest schedule.

Aug 26
Tim Turkington PhD
Duke Med. Phys.
Grad school 101: How to find an advisor, and other useful tips 
(Special location: Med Phys Classroom, Hock Plaza Ste 101)
Sep 02
Sep 09
Paul Segars PhD
Duke Radiology
Medical Imaging Simulation Using Computer Phantoms
Sep 16 Jing Cai PhD
Duke Radiation Oncology
MRI-based Motion Management for Radiation Therapy
Sep 23 Matthew Belley &
Darin Clark
Duke Med. Phys.
Doctoral Research Showcase
  • Investigation of a nanoparticle terminated fiber optic detector for real time, in-vivo dosimetry (Belley, advisor Yoshizumi)
  • Application of robust principal component analysis and kernel regression to temporal and spectral CT reconstruction (Clark, advisor Badea)

Welcoming picnic

(2013-08-20) About 80 faculty, staff, and students gathered at the Duke Faculty Club to enjoy a picnic with NC-style BBQ. This is an annual tradition to welcome our new students and kick off the new academic year.

Photos by Katherine S. Hand and Alina S. Hand.