News & Events

William Hendee visit

 (photo credit: Xiang Li) 
On Mar 9-10 we held our annual graduate student visitation and interview event to provide information about the Medical Physics Graduate Program to prospective and admitted students. As part of this event, we were honored to welcome Dr. William Hendee as a special visitor. At the weekly Seminars in Medical Physics, he spoke on "Creativity and Innovation in Action: Migration of the Products of Biomedical Research into the Marketplace." He also spent several hours talking to faculty and students, including the break out session pictured here (left to right: Dr. Hendee, Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Samei, and medical physics Ph.D. student Josh Wilson).
In addition to being the current editor of Medical Physics, the premiere journal in our field, Dr. Hendee also holds the following positions at the Medical College of Wisconsin: Senior Associate Dean and Vice President, Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Professor and Vice-Chair of Radiology, and Professor of Radiation Oncology, Biophysics, Bioethics.

Spring 2006 course schedule

(2006-01-12) This semester, we offer MEDPHY 210 Radiation Protection and MEDPHY 220 Therapeutic Medical Physics. In addition we continue with MEDPHY 251 Seminar in Medical Physics, see the seminar schedule. This seminar series has been running every semester since fall of 2000, and is now in its 2nd semester as an official medical physics course. Organized by Drs. Lo and Samei, the seminars feature speakers covering a wide range of topics in medical physics. Thanks to the publicity and free ipods (see 12/14/2005 story below) associated with us being selected as part of the Duke Digital Initiative, the class sets a new record of 51 students! This semester we are proud to present the famous scientific writing expert Dr. George Gopen, 2 MD faculty from radiology, Dr. Tourassi in a sequel to her well-received biostatistics lecture, and various other medical physics program speakers. Our outside speaker this semester will be Dr. William Hendee, editor of the Medical Physics journal, whose visit will coincide with our March open house and PhD student interviews.

Free ipods for all!

(2005-12-14) Just in time for the holidays, we are pleased to announce for spring 2006, MEDPHY 251 Seminars in Medical Physics was approved as one of Duke's prestigious digital technology courses. This is part of the Duke Digital Initiative [ext. link]. What this means is that every student will be given a free 20GB 4th generation ipod and microphone. We will use the ipods to record and podcast every seminar talk, transfer large multimedia files, etc. Since the seminar course is required for all program students, that means every student in the program gets the free ipod!

Holiday lunch

(2005-12-09) The students and faculty of the medical physics graduate program gathered in the program's space for a holiday feast catered by a local Greek restaurant.

Dr.Yoshizumi named to national committee

(2005-11-01) Terry Yoshizumi, head of the medical health physics study track and Duke's radiation safety officer, was invited to become a member of Scientific Committee 6-2, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). This committee will prepare a new report on "Ionizing Radiation Exposure of the United States Population." Dr. Ken Kase, Past President of Heath Physics Society will servce as Chairman. The project is funded by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dr. Donald Frush, another faculty member of our program, also serves on the NCRP as a member of the Program Area Committee 4, Radiation Protection in Medicine.