News & Events

Open house announced for 10/15/2009

(2009-09-06) The Duke University Medical Physics Graduate Program is pleased to announce its open house for prospective graduate students on Thursday Oct 15, 2009, from 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM.
You are invited to attend to learn more about the program, specifically you may:
* Visit departments and labs
* Talk with faculty and students
* Learn about financial aid and scholarships
* Tour the campus
* Have dinner and socialize with Medical Physics students
The open house will take place in the medical physics program space, 2424 Erwin Rd, Hock Plaza, Suite 101, Durham NC 27705.

Welcome to New Class

(2009-08-24) This fall marks the matriculation of our program's 5th class, comprised of 8 M.S. and 5 Ph.D. students. We congratulate the Ph.D. students who received special fellowships: Baiyu Chen was awarded the Carestream Fellowship, Laurie Cumberbatch received the Dean's Graduate Fellowship, and Steve Mann received the NIH Training Grant Fellowship and the James B. Duke Fellowship. 

Fall 2009 Schedule

(2009-08-24) Classes for the fall semester begin today. For this fall, we offer the following courses listed below by course  number, title, and instructor:

  • MEDPHY 200 Radiation Physics (Gunasingha)
  • MEDPHY 210 Anatomy / Physiology for Medical Physics (Reiman)
  • MEDPHY 230A Modern Diagnostic Imaging Systems (MacFall)
  • MEDPHY 251 Seminars in Medical Physics (Lo/Oldham)
  • MEDPHY 322 Advanced Photon Beam Radiation Therapy (Das)
  • MEDPHY 328 Clinical Practicum in Radiation Therapy (Z. Wang)
  • MEDPHY 331 Advanced Medical Imaging Physics (Dobbins)
  • MEDPHY 348 Clinical Practicum and Shadowing in Nuclear Medicine  (Turkington)
  • MEDPHY 359 Independent Study in Medical Physics (Multiple)

In announcing this fall's Seminars in Medical Physics schedule, co-instructor Joseph Lo said, "This will be our 9th consecutive semester as part of the program... These weekly gatherings showcase cutting edge research, panel debates on hot topics in the field, overviews of special topics not covered in core courses such as biostatistics and frontiers in medical science, previews/reviews of conference talks, and small group workshops on medical physics as a profession. Every semester includes talks from clinicians, clinical physicists, and notable visiting faculty invited especially for this seminar. We will kick off the fall with our Doctoral Research Showcase, which was very well received last year. Our invited speaker is Jeff Siewerdsen from Hopkins (picture on left), who will share his latest research bridging the gap between radiology and radiation oncology. Other notable physics speakers include Ron Jaszczak, Al Johnson, Tim Turkington, Gina Tourassi, Joe Izatt, and Shiva Das. We have 3 separate sessions devoted to clinical interests. Ehsan Samei will offer our first ever showcase of clinical imaging physics, while Rendon Nelson and David Kirsch will present their clinical research. We will devote a seminar to this year's MS Summer Research Scholarship recipients, who are Adam Brooks, Kelly McGrady, Michael Pierquet, and Scott Senick. Mark Oldham will also moderate an AAPM reprise session featuring 4 Duke speakers: Jim Chang, Sua Yoo, Quiwen Wu, and Andrew Thomas."

Doctorate of Medical Physics (DMP) Survey Results

(2009-08-20) Check out the results from the National Opinion Survey on Doctorate of Medical Physics Degree Program, a major national effort which was initiated by our students. The survey contacted over 1100 students, residents, faculty, and directors, and received an unprecedented 52% response rate! You can view the final report in a Powerpoint format along with verbatim comments at the above website. Integral players included program director Jim Dobbins and director of graduate studies Ehsan Samei, who are also co-chairs of the Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs (SDAMPP), and members of our Student Advisory Board: Vorakarn Chanyavanich, Ashley Manzoor, Latoya Crayton, Irina Vergalasova, Lauren Courlas, Adam Brooks, and Paco Robles. In an email to program members, Dr Samei said, "I am particularly proud of the fact that the survey was initiated by our students at Duke. Here is an example of how something that was started here has reached national prominence and exposure."

Commencement 2009 and Awards


Congratulations and good luck to our fourth MS class which graduated today. As noted in the previous news entry, Lei Ren also became our first ever PhD graduate. The full list of graduates is shown in the table below.

Name Degree Advisor Thesis/Scholarship Title
Maryann Ozidu Abogunde MS T.Yoshizumi Thesis: Small Animal Dosimetry in Cesium-137 and Orthovoltage X-ray Irradiators
William Edwin Brown MS M.Oldham Thesis: Verification of Advanced Gating Techniques using novel 4D Dosimeter
Corey Gray Clift MS M.Oldham Thesis: Application of a novel 3D Dosimetry Technique to the Investigation of Small Photon Fields
Adam I Cohen MS T.Turkington Thesis: Data Driven Respiratory Gating in 2D PET
Latoya Geneen Crayton MS J.Wu Thesis: Analysis of patient motion in head and neck image-guided radiation therapy
Ryan Miller Davis MS M.Dewhirst Thesis: Simultaneous Monitoring of Temperature Sensitive Liposome Content Release and Tumor Temperature with MRI.
William Michael Giles MS J.Bowsher Thesis: Timing and Communications for a Synchronous Dual X-Ray System
D'Vone Jackson MS M.Tornai Project: Fully 3D Breast Dosimetry Using a Dedicated Breast CT System
Sherry Allison Leeper MS S.Yoo Thesis: Evaluation of In-Room Cone-beam CT Imaging Techniques Compared to CT for Dose Calculation
Brandon Cole Mader MS M.Oldham Thesis: Advantages of Patient-based margin definition for dosimetry in the presence of cervical motion
Jessica Lee Nute MS T.Turkington Thesis: Reliability of measurements of change in PET SUV
Jason Paisley MS T.Yoshizumi Thesis: Comparative Study of Interal Dose Asessment between Whole Body Counter and Gamma camera
Christopher John Veale MS Zh.Wang Thesis: Amplitude gated Breath-Hold Treatment for Heart Dose Reduction in Left Breast Cancer Patients: Residual Motion and Breath-Hold Threshold
Nagabindu Vulli MS S.Das Thesis: Effect of fluence map smoothness on the deliverability of Head-Neck tumors designed on Eclipse
Tian Zhang MS Zh.Wang Thesis: Comparison of ITV-based and Amplitude-gated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for Lung Cancers
Lei Ren PhD F.-F.Yin "Dissertation: DTS for image guided radiation therapy"

In addition, congratulations also go to the following award recipients for this year. Awards are given out during the program's private ceremony during commencement weekend.

Director’s Award for Exemplary Service Terry Yoshizumi, Mark Oldham, Haijun Song, Sherry Leeper, Vorakarn Chanyavanich, Ross McGurk, Francisco Robles 
Excellence in Research Award for MS Student Maryann Abogunde 
Excellence in Research Award for PhD Student Xiang Li 
Excellence in Teaching Award (based on students’ vote) Shiva Das 
Excellence in Teaching Assistantship Award (nominated by students) Jennifer Seger 
Excellence in Mentorship Award (nominated by students) Mark Dewhirst, Terry Yoshizumi 
Excellence in Academic Performance Award (all first year students, based on GPA) Hao Li 
Excellence in Academic Performance Award (all second year students based on GPA) Francisco Robles 
Carey E. Floyd Jr. Graduate Fellowship: ($1,000 stipend supplement) Vorakarn Chanyavanich