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Innovation in MedPhys Education

(2017-05-05) An abstract titled Empowering Future Clinical Leaders: Professionalism in Medical Physics Graduate Education, authored by Dr. Joshua Wilson, Dr. Anuj Kapadia, and Dr. Ehsan Samei, has been selected as one of the six finalists for the Innovation in Medical Physics Education Award. They will do a 15-minute presentation at the AAPM Annual Meeting where the winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Monday, July 31.  The top presenting abstract will be awarded a plaque and a $2000 prize.


DKU Face2Face: Welcoming New DKU MedPhy Class

(2017-04-21) MedPhys Coordinators Wendy Harris and Kyle Lafata, PhD students in the graduate program organized a Q&A session with the incoming Duke Kunshan students on April 10. Upon the DKU students’ arrival, the coordinators will help the visiting students adjust to life in Durham,  and organize social activities with the current students.



Welcome 2017 Med Phys Residents

(2017-04-21) Duke’s Imaging Physics and Therapy residency programs are proud to announce the class of 2019 recruits from the National Match Program: Megan Russ and James Spencer for the DI residency, and Yang Sheng and Yawei Zhang for the RT residency. Megan graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a bachelor’s degree in physics in 2013 and will soon obtain her doctoral degree in medical imaging physics from University of Buffalo. James graduated from Texas A&M graduate with a degree in nuclear engineering and is currently a second year master’s student in the Duke Medical Physics Graduate Program. Yang Sheng obtained his BS in physics from University of Nanjing in 2012 and earned his MS from the Duke University Medical Physics Graduate Program in 2014. He successfully defended his PhD thesis at Duke in March 2017. Yawei graduated from Lanzhou University with a bachelor’s degree in applied physics 200, and successfully completed his PhD in physics in Rurgers in 2013.  Congratulations to the new residents!



Initial Placement Class 2017

(2017-04-20) Congratulations to our Medical Physics Graduate Program Graduates 2017 with accepting clinical, residency, PhD positions in leading hospitals, medical centers, and universities:







PhD Program



Research Assistant



Air Force











Samei Meets with Congressional Staff in DC to Advocate Medical Research

(From Left to Right: Senior Advisor to Senator Thom Tillis, Dr. Joel Collier, Duke BME Faculty, and Dr. Ehsan Samei, Duke Radiology Faculty)

(2017-04-07) In late March, Dr. Ehsan Samei met with the senior advisor to Senator Thom Tillis in Washington DC to advocate and emphasize the importance of basic medical research, to discuss science policy, NIH funding, and the importance of enabling the US to maintain its leadership in science. He was joined by Joel Collier, a fellow Duke BME faculty.