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AuntMinnie Reports Duke Research

(2017-12-15) Dr. Ranish Khawaja, along with Dr. Gary Schooler and Dr. Ehsan Samei from Duke Radiology recently presented during RSNA meeting 2017 about their development of an automated image quality assessment tool for pediatric radiographs based on 10 perceptual attributes of adult chest radiographs, such as lung gray levels, lung details, rib-lung contrast, and mediastinum. Traditionally, image quality has relied on just a few physical measures such as noise and contrast, while observer studies are highly subjective by nature. This adaptation improved the performance of the algorithm, which now can be used for a variety of applications beyond image quality assessment, including protocol development, quality monitoring, and integration with dose estimates to improve benchmarks for pediatric chest radiography. The group also plans to explore whether machine learning could be used for the application. Click here to read more.



Johnson Named 2017 Distinguished Investigator

(2017-12-15) Dr. G. Allan Johnson, PhD (Radiology) was recently named as one of the 19 researchers to receive the 2017 Distinguished Investigator Award from the Academy for Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research. Over the past few decades, the radiology research community has been responsible for many important advances that have had a profound impact on healthcare. This prestigious honor recognizes and awards individuals for their accomplishments in the field of medical imaging and academic radiology. Click here to read more.



Adam Wax's Mission to Create OCT

(2017-12-01) Dr. Adam Wax (BME) describes his mission to create a profitable, low-cost optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging device in recently published article in The Translational Scientist. Dr. Wax stays that with OCT we use light, which moves much more quickly – so you can’t just time it with an electronic stopwatch. The result is a device about the size of a shoebox that costs under $10,000, which essentially allows doctors to visit remote locations or perhaps a retirement home, where patients are less mobile, and scan 30 or 40 people in a single session. (Read the article here)


RadOnc Residency Opening 2018

(2017-12-01) Duke Health is now accepting qualified applicants for the Medical Physics Residency Department in the Radiation Oncology Department. Applications must be submitted online through the AAPM Common Application Program (MP-RAP) and register with the Medical Physics Residency Matching Program (MedPhys Match), and include a CV and three reference letters.

One training position will be available starting July 1, 2018 in the Medical Physics Residency program. Duration of the program is 2 years for clinical training. Successful applicants will be recent graduates of medical physics or closely related graduate programs. Both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees will be considered. The program is primarily clinical training, but includes research and educational components (based on the background, the selected candidate may be required to take courses in the Medical Physics Graduate program). The program is CAMPEP accredited. For more information, please see:

Applications must be received by December 15, 2017.


New Grant - NC Biotech Center

(2017-12-01) Dr. Anuj Kapadia (Radiology) along with co-investigator Dr. Joel Greenberg (ECE) received a new 1.5-year grant from the NC Biotech Center titled “Rapid X-ray diffraction imaging for improved tissue analysis in pathology applications”. The project proposes to build a new X-ray diffraction scanner for previously unexplored applications in pathology and ex-vivo diagnostics. The grant will facilitate building a new device prototype, testing its performance in collaboration with Duke Pathology, and demonstrating its utility in improving the pathology clinical workflow. In addition to Drs. Kapadia and Greenberg, the grant involves collaborators from Duke Pathology (Dr. Shannon McCall) and the Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures (OLV). For more information please contact Dr. Kapadia at .