News & Events

The winner of NIH Grant

(2016-10-21) Dr. Ehsan Samei (Radiology), received his latest NIH through  RSNA grant  for a project to develop hybrid clinical CT images containing virtual lesion models with known-exactly morphology and texture. This database will be used to investigate the accuracy of lesion quantification in terms of texture and morphology, thereby extending quantitative CT beyond lesion volumetry. 


Welcome to our new faculty member

(2016-10-14) Welcome to the new faculty member, Dr. Satish Chitneni, PhD (Radiology). Dr. Chitneni's research interest include development and validation of novel radiopharmaceuticals for targeted molecular imaging of cancer and for imaging neuroreceptors and enzyme systems in the brain with positron emission tomography (PET). Specifically, current research efforts are directed toward developing PET imaging agents for the recently discovered, cancer-associated IDH gene mutations in brain tumors, and the use of PET for monitoring treatment response in small animal models. General research interests also include translation of new, pre-clinically validated radiotracers for human use under appropriate FDA regulatory mechanisms.    



Duke Medical Physics Fall 2016 Open House

(2016-10-07) The Duke Medical Physics welcomed prospective students at the Fall 2016 Open House on October 7, 2016. The event featured a presentation that centered on the introduction of the program by Director Dr. Samei, an informative session about admissions by DGS Dr. Kapadia, information on research in Medical Physics at Duke by Dr. Wilson, and a “Why Duke” Q&A panel between the current Masters and PhD students who shared their broad scope of experience. Subsequently, the guests engaged in tours of the Carl Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories (RAILabs), Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy (CIVM), Multi-Modality Imaging Laboratory, Radiation Oncology Department laboratories and the Clinical Imaging Physics Group (CIPG) Hospital tours. 


Medical Physics Students with IAEA Scientists

(2016-10-14) IAEA Scientific Visitors will attend two Educational Training Sessions on "Radiation Safety International Perspectives" with the Medical Physics Graduate Program Students and Faculty on Monday, October 17, and Tuesday, October 18, 2016, at 1:15 PM in the Medical Physics Classroom at Hock Plaza. During the session they will discuss how the attributes of the images differ with patient size, dose, technique from international prospective.



MedPhys Hosting IAEA Training

(2016-09-29) Duke Medical Physics was selected by the United Nations to host an IAEA advanced training on imaging safety in medicine. The course, taking place Oct 17-21 on the Duke campus, brings radiological professionals from around the world together to share experience and strategy on radiation protection, informed by our own processes in place at Duke. The program includes didactic lectures covering topics of imaging safety and quality, clinical practice rounds with focus on appropriateness, safety culture, and workflow, and safety-relevant demonstrations of the interplay of dose, image quality, and patient size in the context of CT, fluoroscopy, and radiography.