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10-Year Educational Partnership with Siemens Healthcare

Duke University Medical Physics Graduate Program in collaboration with the Radiology Department is excited to announce the formation of a 10-year educational partnership with Siemens Healthcare. The partnership was formed to enable a synergistic exchange of educational resources and expertise between the two Duke entities and Siemens. With enhanced education, it is hoped that such a partnership builds towards the broader goal of improved quality of patient care. This partnership provides Duke Medical Physics and Radiology faculty, residents, and students access to the Siemens educational facility at Cary, NC for imaging and medical physics training and research.

From left to right: Jessica Ratcliff (Siemens Training Coordinator, USA); Patrick Amarteifio, (Siemens Global Training, Vice President, Germany); Anuj Kapadia, (Director of Graduate Studies, Duke Medical Physics Program); Juan Carlos Ramirez-Giraldo, (Siemens, USA).