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Distinguished Lecture

Martin G. Pomper, MD, PhD, Henry Wagner Professor of Radiology and the Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at Johns Hopkins Medical School recently delivered a distinguished lecture titled “Precision Imaging.” In his talk, Dr. Pomper discussed recent advances in molecular imaging for early detection, which is key to improving outcomes in patients. In particular, he highlighted the PSMA compound as it has the ability to mark tumors smaller than typical CT resolution in both soft tissue and bone. This imaging technique, when combined with proteins, such as the CAR-T cells, can potentially be used to target and kill specific tumor cells throughout the body. He concluded by sharing how the Radiology community has evolved over the past few decades, and is now focusing on precision and collaboration to positively affect patient imaging and treatment.

The lecture was immediately followed by reception and townhall discussion, where students were able to ask follow-up questions and other career-related advice.