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Dr. Ding Featured in AuntMinnie

Dr. Aiping Ding, PhD, Medical Physics faculty, was recently featured in AuntMinnie for his two upcoming RSNA 2018 presentations. In these articles, Dr. Ding described how METIS (Metrology for Imaging Systems), a clinical informatics platform, can be utilized to monitor radiation dose and image quality from multiple imaging modalities. The METIS platform would then allow for retrospective, quantitative assessment of radiation dose on CT studies, which can yield valuable insights to improve consistency in the patient quality of care. The ongoing shift to value-based medicine brings a renewed focus on evidence-based practice and additional scrutiny on the safety of clinical care. Thus, being able to monitor many aspects of both quality and safety of medical imaging is crucial. Dr. Ding’s ultimate goal is to make patient care be more consistent and less system-dependent.