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Duke Medical Physics at PHYSCON 2016

Dr. Anuj Kapadia (DGS) and Wendy Harris (MedPhys PhD’18) attended the 2016 Society of Physics Students Quadrennial Physics Congress on November 3-6 in Silicon Valley, CA. The weekend included featured talks by distinguished scientists, workshops, tours of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, NASA and Google X, and opportunities to network and socialize. The Duke University Medical Physics Graduate Program had a table at the exhibit hall, which was open all day on Nov 4th. Dr. Kapadia and Wendy engaged one-on-one with approximately 100 prospective undergraduate physics students, introducing them about the field of medical physics. After the event Wendy Harris reflected, “I had gone to the 2012 Phys Con in Orlando, Fl, during my senior year of undergraduate school, so this was a great opportunity for me to return back, four years later, as a graduate student. I estimate that between both Dr. Kapadia and me, we talked to ~100 undergraduate students!”. Overall, it was a great experience for the program, and a strong outreach activitiy for Medical Physics.