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Erik Paulson Named Chair of Duke Radiology

Dr. Nancy Andrews, Dean of the School of Medicine, announced today that Erik Paulson, M.D., professor and chairman of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, will return to Duke in June as chair of Duke Radiology. The radiology department is one of the key contributors toward our program, and many program faculty have their primary appointment in that department. The following is excerpted from the statement by Dr. Andrews:

Before joining M.D. Anderson in 2012, Dr. Paulson was educated, trained and spent 20 years at Duke rising through the ranks… He was named Division Chief of Abdominal Imaging in 2001 and Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiology in 2009.

A highly-regarded expert in cross-sectional imaging of the abdomen, Dr. Paulson has built an academic career around clinically-driven research.  His academic interests include hepatic cross-sectional imaging, CT technology assessment, and image guided intervention. Recent work focuses on Dual Energy Computed Tomography (CT) and innovative methods to reduce radiation dose in CT. He is currently an investigator on a phase II protocol studying genomic guided therapy for patients with castration-resistant metastatic prostate cancer.

An author on more than 176 publications, Dr. Paulson’s work reflects his collaborative approach to clinical care and research both within the Department of Radiology and with colleagues from other departments… Dr. Paulson’s knowledge of Duke and of the national and international radiology landscape, his commitment to excellence, and his collaborative spirit make him an exceptional leader for the Department of Radiology.