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Excellence in Mentorship Award 2017


We are proud to congratulate Dr. Justus D. Adamson (Radiation Oncology) on receiving the Duke Medical Physics Excellence in Mentorship Award (2016-2017). Dr. Adamson co-teaches the Radiation Therapy Physics course and mentors Medical Physics students. Below is an excerpt from one of his nomination letters:

Dr. Justus Adamson is a great mentor [both] in and outside of the classroom. He is an extremely patient teacher and is able to convey complex ideas in a simple manner. Beyond teaching a simple understanding of material, Dr. Adamson helps his students to learn the underlying principles of what he teaches and its importance to the medical physics field as a whole. Dr. Adamson has motivated me to reach my maximum potential during my time at Duke. Dr. Adamson has made my time at Duke very productive and has reinforced my passion for the field.”

Nominees for Excellence in Mentorship Award 2017: Justus D. Adamson, PhD, Jing Cai, PhD, Anuj J. Kapadia, PhD, Joseph Y. Lo, PhD, Lei Ren, PhD, Ehsan Samei, PhD.