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Faculty in AAPM Leadership Academy

Faculty members Dr. Martin Tornai, Dr. Anuj Kapadia, and Dr. Joshua Wilson (Radiology) have been elected to participate in the week-long AAPM Medical Physics Leadership Academy (MPLA) in Chantilly, VA, that will take place at the beginning of June. The program will offer advancing leadership development opportunities. 2016 AAPM Summer School attendees will immerse themselves in a focused and hands-on environment for leadership and management skill development interwoven into the context of medical physics. The program is specifically designed with the needs and challenges of medical physicists in mind, in either therapy or imaging disciplines, and community, academic, or consulting work environments.

Medical physicists work in environments of constant change with new, unpredictable challenges. Whether scientific or professional, medical physicists must foster the necessary skills to adapt and succeed. AAPM helps members develop these skills as part of its mission and goals by offering educational and professional opportunities – including the 2016 AAPM Summer School Medical Physics Leadership Academy (MPLA).