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IAEA Group Scientific Visit to Duke

Over a period of one week of October 17-21, 2016, Duke University in North Carolina, USA, engaged with 17 prominent international visitors from nine IAEA Member States from the region of Europe. The visitors included radiology department chairs, radiation technologists, and lead diagnostic medical physicists. Led by 15 Duke faculty members, the workshop included in-depth lectures covering topics of safety and quality in imaging with ionizing radiation, clinical practice rounds with focus on appropriateness, safety culture, and workflow, and safety-relevant demonstrations of the interplay of dose, image quality, and patient size in the context of CT, Fluoroscopy, and Radiography. The workshop took advantage of clinical and educational facilities at Duke Radiology and Medical Physics operations.

The group scientific visit was organized within the framework of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Regional project RER/9/135 “Strengthening Radiation Protection of Patients and Medical Exposure Control”.