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Oldham Receives New NIH Grant

Dr. Mark Oldham (Radiation Oncology) has recently received a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from the NIH titled: “A Practical and Versatile High-Resolution 3D Dosimetry System for Clinical Use”. The project focuses on developing practical and versatile high-resolution 3D dosimetry system for clinical use, which can improve Quality Assurance (QA) procedure in radiation therapy and ensure effective delivery and patient safety. The long-term goal is to commercialize the Presage/Optical-CT system and meet the need for an economic but hugely capable fully 3D dosimetry system for the general clinic, capable of in-house use (with re-useable PRESAGE® formulations) or for remote offsite long-distance credentialing type verification (stable PRESAGE®). The Presage/Optical-CT 3D dosimetry system will be a listed FDA medical device commercially sold by Heuris Inc.