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Solomon Paper on Cover of Medical Physics

Congratulations Dr. Solomon (Alum’16, Radiology), and co-authors, for being featured on the December 2016 cover of Medical Physics. This paper describes a new 3D printing method that was developed and used to fabricate novel CT phantoms (test objects) containing volumetric textures. Traditional phantoms have uniform backgrounds making them overly artificial compared to real clinical images. The texture in these new phantoms is based on CT scans of the liver making them much more realistic. The phantoms were then used to see how image quality is affected by texture for several CT image reconstruction algorithms.

Solomon J, Ba A, Bochud F, Samei E: Comparison of low-contrast detectability between two CT reconstruction algorithms using voxel-based 3D printed textured phantoms, Medical Physics Volume 43, Issue 12 December 2016 Pages 6497–6506.