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Two Faculty Pagers Chosen for PMB Highlights

Two program faculty, Georgia Tourassi Ph.D. (associate professor of radiology) and Mark Oldham Ph.D. (associate professor of radiation  oncology) are responsible for 2 of the 20 papers selected for the Physics in Medicine & Biology (PMB) “Highlights of 2008” collection.  Publisher of the journal Simon Harris noted, “This collection represents the very best work published in the journal during 2008 based on high praise from our referees, the greatest number of online downloads and the outstanding nature of the research presented.”
The papers are listed below, and may be accessed directly from the PMB website which showcases all 20 papers:

“Decision optimization of case-based computer-aided decision systems using genetic algorithms with application to mammography” Maciej A Mazurowski, Piotr A Habas, Jacek M Zurada and Georgia D Tourassi Phys. Med. Biol. 53 No 4 (21 February 2008) 895-908″Improving the quantitative accuracy of optical-emission computed tomography by incorporating an attenuation correction: application to  HIF1 imaging”E Kim, J Bowsher, A S Thomas, H Sakhalkar, M Dewhirst and M Oldham Phys. Med. Biol. 53 No 19 (7 October 2008) 5371-5383