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Visit from Giger of the University of Chicago

Maryellen Giger PhD of the University of Chicago visited our program today and was our featured speaker at the Seminars in Medical Physics course. Dr. Giger is a former President of AAPM and current vice president (president-elect) of SPIE. She spoke on her distinguished career and the evolution of quantitative radiomics.

Clockwise from top left: Dr. Giger gave female students a calendar planner from SPIE celebrating “Women in Optics,” Dr. Giger delivers her talk, Chair of Duke Radiology Dr. Paulson chats with our guest, and Dr. Giger answers questions in an informal discussion with students hosted by program faculty Drs. Joseph Lo and Anuj Kapadia of the Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories (RAI Labs). (Photos by Joseph Lo)