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Yoon Wins Duke Cancer Institute Poster Award

Congratulations to MedPhys PhD student Paul Yoon (Advisor: Dr. Oldham), who won third prize for his poster at the Radiation Oncology and Imaging Program (ROIP) Annual Retreat on his research titled “A New Approach to Cancer Treatment Utilizing Photo-Activation of Psoralen with Kv X-Rays”. The poster showcases a novel psoralen-based phototherapy using x-ray stimulated UV emission from phosphors deep within the tumor, termed X-ray Psoralen Activated Cancer Therapy (X-PACT). In vitro and in vivo trials strongly suggest X-PACT is cytotoxic and encourages apoptosis, which is a sign of local control and possible tumor-specific immunogenicity. First X-PACT compassionate care canine studies on 6 dogs resulted in either complete remission of the tumor (for oral melanoma) or stable disease for at least 2 years on otherwise terminal canine patients.