Terry Yoshizumi, PhD

Professor of Radiology
Professor of Radiation Oncology
Address: 2214 Elder Street, Rm 103
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 684-2194
Email: terry.yoshizumi@duke.edu

Research Interests

Major research focus relates to the following areas:
New radiation detector development and evaluation;
2-D radiochromic film dosimetry in CT;
Development of 3-D dosimetry model in CT;
Application of Presage 3D dosimetry in CT;
Irradiator dosimetry;
Stack monitoring of radioactive tritium gas and radioactive iodine;
Shielding design of modern x-ray machines;
MDCT and cone-beam CT dosimetry;
Application of MOSFET technology in diagnostic radiology and interventional/cardiac cath lab;Small animal dosimetry; Breast dosimetry in tomosynthesis;
Radiation shielding calculations in accelerator facilities;
Radiation safety program administration and policy development;
Regulatory compliance;
Radiological emergency responses.


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