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Wong Appointed Nuclear Medicine Track Director

Terence Wong MD PhD becomes the new Director of our Nuclear Medicine Track. Dr. Wong has a distinguished academic and clinical career in biomedical engineering, medical physics, and radiology. He is currently the Chief of the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotheranostics, and Professor of Radiology and Medical Oncology at Duke. As Track Director, Dr. Wong is excited to expand the available clinical experience for our graduate students, who will have the opportunity to observe targeted PET/CT imaging, radiopharmaceutical therapy administrations, and shadowing Health Physics personnel. Dr. Wong aims to provide a broad and enriching experience for our students by working closely with faculty from all four tracks.

Dr. Wong’s appointment comes at an exciting time when radiotheranostics (radiolabeled molecular probes for imaging and treatment) are becoming mainstream, and Duke University is recognized as a leader in this field. This new field offers clinical and research opportunities including the utilization of molecular/anatomic imaging for patient selection, dosimetry, and response to therapy.