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Class of 2021 Research Highlights

Class of 2021 graduates highlights their MS/PhD research that spans many diverse scientific disciplines and expand the boundaries of medical physics. These “elevator pitches” are combined from 3 separate presentations during the 2021 graduation ceremony.

Featured Publications

Students conduct research as part of their degree requirements and professional training. Since the program was established in 2005, our students have published over 400 papers!

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Junlan Lu, Ziyi Wang, Elianna Bier, Suphachart Leewiwatwong, David Mummy, Bastiaan Driehuys. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022;1-15

Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging

Jayasai R Rajagopal, Faraz Farhadi, Taylor Richards, Moozhan Nikpanah, Pooyan Sahbaee, Sujata M Shanbhag, W Patricia Bandettini, Babak Saboury, Ashkan A Malayeri, William F Pritchard, Elizabeth C Jones, Ehsan Samei, Marcus Y Chen. October 2021 Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 3(5)

Advances in Radiation Oncology

Wentao Wang, Yang Sheng, Manisha Palta, Brian Czito, Christopher Willett, Martin Hito, FangFang Yin, Qiuwen Wu, Yaorong Ge, Jackie Wu. Advances in Radiation Oncology, 2021-07-01, Volume 6, Issue 4, Article 100672

Devin Willey, Dean Darnell, Allen W Song, Trong Kha Truong. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine November 2021 Volume 86 Issue 6 Pages 3067 – 3081

Xinyi Li, Q Jackie Wu, Qiuwen Wu, Chunhao Wang, Yang Sheng, Wentao Wang, Hunter Stephens, FangFang Yin, Yaorong Ge. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 2021 Volume 66, Number 23

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