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Admissions prerequisites include required undergraduate coursework, application requirements, program-specific requirements, and Duke Graduate School requirements. Prospective students should carefully review the program prerequisites before applying to the Duke Medical Physics Graduate program. We also provide sample video statements and information on non-CAMPEP tracks of study.

Prerequisites for Entering the Program

1. B.S. in Physics. The undergraduate coursework, in addition to basic and upper-level physics courses should include the following:

  • Chemistry: 1 semester/course
  • Electronics: 1 semester/course
  • Computer science/programming: 1 semester/course


2. Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering with the following minimum college-level coursework (possibly met if the student has a minor in physics):

  • Mathematics: 2 semesters/courses of calculus
  • Physics: 2 semester/courses of general calculus-based physics + 3 semesters/courses of upper-level physics selected from courses including modern physics (preferred), electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, atomic structure, statistical mechanics, and mechanics.
  • Chemistry: 1 semester/course
  • Electronics: 1 semester/course
  • Computer science/programming: 1 semester/course

Students may be accepted with some deficiencies. Classes taken to overcome deficiencies, in consultation with the DGS, will be in addition to the standard Medical Physics curriculum.

Video Statement

Applicants should submit a video that describes in less than 2 minutes how a Duke medical physics graduate training experience would help you achieve your academic and professional goals. To show you some examples, the mock videos below were made by our current students.

Applicant Video By Devin

Applicant Video By Yushi

Application Information

Application Terms Available: Fall

MS Application Deadline: January 31
MS Priority Deadline: January 8
PhD Application Deadlines: December 5

Graduate School Application Requirements
See the Application Instructions page for important details about each Graduate School requirement.

Writing Sample
None required

Additional Components
To help us learn more about you, please plan a video response to the following question:

How would a Duke PhD training experience help you achieve your academic and professional goals? (max video length 2 minutes). When you are ready, please use the Video Essay tab in the application to record your video.

Optional Non-Campep Track Of Study

Our graduate program is fully CAMPEP accredited and students who graduate from our program are considered to have met the requirements of a CAMPEP-compliant education, including prerequisites. In some cases, students may be admitted without all prerequisites described above if the admissions committee assesses that they will be capable of academic success in our program.

Students who do not have the prerequisites will be considered to be in a non-CAMPEP course of study, and will not qualify for subsequent certification by the American Board of Radiology. Students admitted in this pathway may make up the deficiencies at any time before graduation to be changed to the standard pathway. Students may also be placed in this non-CAMPEP course if it is determined that their educational and career goals are best met through a curriculum that is different from our standard CAMPEP-approved curriculum.