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Student Leaders

Our students participate actively in leadership positions.

Top row from left to right: Ethan Malin, Tyler Kay, Lyndsey Bloom, Edward Criscuolo, Zachary Whipps. Bottom row from left to right: Zachary Gude, Jessica Dominici, Beth Reed, Evangelina Wong.

SLAC 2023-2024 big


Our students come from all over the world with their diverse experience and leadership talents. The Duke Medical Physics Graduate Program was built to ensure our students’ success. We are particularly proud of our inviting and collaborative community, in which students take courses and conduct clinically relevant research under the guidance of faculty members. Our graduate training includes the latest technologies, world class faculty, amazing institution resources, and generous program facilities.

PhD Students

  • Njood Alsaihati Portrait

    Njood Alsaihati

  • Mridul Bhattarai Portrait

    Mridul Bhattarai

  • Eduardo Cisternas Portrait

    Eduardo Cisternas

  • Anna Costelle Portrait

    Anna Costelle

  • Edward Criscuolo Portrait

    Edward Criscuolo

  • Olivia Dickinson Portrait

    Olivia Dickinson

  • Nicholas Felice Portrait

    Nicholas Felice

  • Christian Gibson Portrait

    Christian Gibson

  • Zachary Gude Portrait

    Zachary Gude

  • Zhuoran Jiang Portrait

    Zhuoran Jiang

  • Junlan Lu Portrait

    Junlan Lu

  • Cindy McCabe Portrait

    Cindy McCabe

MS Students

  • Lindsey Bloom Portrait

    Lindsey Bloom

  • Kayli Buchli Portrait

    Kayli Buchli

  • Ruoyu Chen Portrait

    Ruoyu Chen

  • Wesley Cunningham Portrait

    Wesley Cunningham

  • Julianna Detrick Portrait

    Julianna Detrick

  • Jessica Dominici Portrait

    Jessica Dominici

  • Joseph Farina Portrait

    Joseph Farina

  • David Fenwick Portrait

    David Fenwick

  • Michael Garcia Alcoser Portrait

    Michael Garcia Alcoser

  • Casey Heirman Portrait

    Casey Heirman

  • George Ibrahim Portrait

    George Ibrahim

  • Allison Jones Portrait

    Allison Jones


[1] The Graduate and Professional Student Government of Duke University (GPSG) is the umbrella student government organization for Duke’s nine graduate and professional schools.

[2] Student Leadership and Advisory Council (SLAC) is composed of elected students and the DGS (Director of Graduate Studies). It consists of four student representatives, a Social Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, at least two Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) Representatives, and the Medical Physics Administrative Council (MPAC) Student Representative. SLAC meets once a month to discuss program events and bring up concerns to the DGS.

[3] Medical Physics Administrative Council (MPAC – pronounced ‘m-pac’) is the faculty governing committee that discusses the overall development of the program and decides on future strategic directions. The student representative provides input into the decision making process from the perspective of the student body.

(4) Women of Medical Physics (WoMP) is focused on dismantling sexism and misogyny in medical physics. One goal of this group will be to educate the program student body about the impacts of causal and overt sexism on career development and mental health. They will also strive to develop resources for victims of these behaviors, both in reporting and addressing them in a professional manner.

Student Resources