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Financial Aid – Master's Students

Our program provides substantial scholarship support to MS students. Last year, admitted students who did not have external scholarships were offered a scholarship of at least $18,000 per year, or a total of $36,000. That amount may vary in future years.

Our program requires MS students to enroll in and pay tuition for four semesters of full-time study. Tuition and other fees are set by the Duke Graduate School, for 2022-2023 the tuition was $30,110 per semester.

Additional Funding Resources

In addition to program scholarships, MS students may also compete for the following additional aid:

  • Summer scholarship for thesis research
    Up to $2100 to allow students to perform research during the summer between the 2 years.
  • Professional development fund
    $500 for educational purposes (e.g., attending courses or workshops, career placement travel for residency/job interviews).
  • Shrock Memorial Scholarship
    $1000 per year for 1 student, to enhance research and professional development.
  • Funding from faculty
    Available for research or other work for some students.’

Financial Aid – PhD Students

PhD students who don’t already have external fellowships are typically awarded full fellowship support at the time of admission, including tuition, fees, and stipend. This support is maintained through successful performance in the program and in the lab of the student’s advisor. Some students also attain additional competitive fellowships (see below) as well as other external fellowships after they matriculate.

Additional Competitive Fellowships

Selected PhD students may also be nominated by our program for additional prestigious fellowship opportunities. These awards are summarized below, and many are also described at the Graduate School website on competitive fellowships.

  • Dean’s Graduate Fellowship
    This is a four-year award, which provides payment of tuition, fees, and stipend. It is especially targeted for students from under-represented minority groups. Funded through the Graduate School.
  • J.B. Duke Fellowship
    This fellowship provides a $5,000 stipend supplement for four years. Funded through the Graduate School.
  • Biomedical Graduate Fellowship
    These fellowships are provided to students who – by reason of their background, culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, work, and life experiences – contribute to a fuller representation of perspectives within the academic life of the University. $5,000 stipend supplement for the first 2 years of graduate study.
  • The Chancellor’s Scholarship 
    For International students, this award provides 2 years of full support. Domestic and international students all receive a one-time $5000 stipend supplement.
  • Carey E. Floyd, Jr., Graduate Fellowship
    The award provides a stipend supplement of $1500 and travel support $1000 for one year.