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Over 300 MS and PhD Students

We admitted our first class in 2005, and have since graduated over 300 MS and PhD students. Please see our Placement page for detailed information about the many prestigious positions that they have attained. The following page showcases the more personal aspects of our alumni, including their portraits and a map showing where they ended up in the world.

DUMPAA Newsletter

"In 2021, after graduating from Duke, I matched with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since then I have been working as a resident in our radiation oncology department. I have really taken to the cajun culture including taking a swamp tour on a fan boat and patting a ~15 foot alligator on the head. The residency has been a fantastic experience thus far, and I am looking forward to the remaining year and a half! Geaux Duke!"
Ericka Chorniak, MS, Portrait
Ericka Chorniak, MS
DUMPAA Graduate Program Relations Committee Chair

The Official Newsletter of the Duke Medical Physics Alumni Association (DUMPAA).

Alumni Map

A map of Medical Physics Alumni locations across the globe

Our alumni have found successful placement all over the world. The Alumni Map tracks their locations and professional titles.

Alumni Portraits

Alumni Stories