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2023 Spring Schedule

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 PM ET in Bryan Research Bldg Auditorium Rm 103 (unless noted otherwise).

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 17 Workshops Mark Oldham PhD & Shiva Das PhD / Academic Skills: The Peer Review Process (Hock Classroom, 2nd years)
Josh Wilson PhD / Professionalism: Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Biases (Bryan 103, 1st yrs)
Jan 24 Timothy Turkington PhD
Susu Yan PhD
Zhenyu Yang
Fang-Fang Yin PhD
James Bowsher Memorial Seminar
Jan 31 Joel Greenberg PhD
Julie Raffi PhD
Aaron Smith MS
Justin Solomon PhD
Panel Discussion: This is not what I trained to do
Feb 7 Workshops Anna Rodrigues PhD / Academic Skills: Conference Abstracts (Hock Classroom, 2nd years)
Josh Wilson PhD / Professionalism: Interpersonal Communication (Bryan 103, 1st yrs)
Feb 14 Mridul Bhattarai, Eduardo Cisternas Jimenez PhD Showcase: Mridul Bhattarai, Eduardo Cisternas Jimenez
Feb 21 MS MMT Master’s Students Multiple Mini Talks
Feb 28    
Mar 7 Workshops Sophia Lafferty-Hess / Academic Skills: Data Management Practices (Bryan 103, 1st yrs)
Josh Wilson PhD / Professionalism: Ethics in Healthcare and Medical Physics (Hock Classroom, 2nd years)
Mar 14 Spring Recess (no seminar)
Mar 21 Yutian Feng, PhD, Duke Department of Radiology  Production of new radionuclides on the Duke Medical Cyclotron, and the chemistry of radiotheranostics
Mar 28 David Crowley, MS MBA, Radiation Protection Section, Division of Health Service Regulation, NC Department of Health and Human Services A Practical Roadmap for Navigating Radiation Regulations
Apr 4 Workshops Don Fox PhD / Academic Skills: Research Presentations (Hock Classroom, 2nd years)
Josh Wilson PhD / Professionalism: Work and Working (Bryan 103, 1st yrs)
Apr 11 George Sgouros, PhD, Johns Hopkins University How and why medical physicists are key to the survival and success of radiopharmaceutical therapy
Apr 18 Jiang Hsieh PhD
Retired Chief Scientist, GE Healthcare
Adj. Professor, Medical Physics, UW Madison
Independent Consultant
X-ray CT — A personal journey from the 80s to the future
 For more information, or to share ideas for future seminars, contact Anna Rodrigues or Tim Turkington.