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Established in 2005

The Duke Medical Physics Graduate Program was established in 2004 as a unique program that represented all four areas of medical physics: diagnostic imaging, medical health physics, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy.


Exemplary medical physics education, research, and practice to advance healthcare.


The primary mission of the Program is to provide each student with sufficient training in both the physics principles and clinical application of Medical Physics to permit a well-rounded career.

Secondary missions are to:

  • Provide a collaborative environment for the academic advancement of all medical physicists at Duke
  • Enhance opportunities for interdepartmental research collaborations between medical physicists at Duke
  • Advance the academic mission and reputation of the constituent departments and schools of Duke University
  • Shape the future of Medical Physics as a discipline by involving physicists in cutting-edge trends in medicine
  • Provide excellent service to our local environment and broader medical physics community

Executive Team

Mark Oldham Portrait

Program Director

Dean Darnell, PhD Portrait

Director of Graduate Studies

Joseph Lo Portrait

Associate Director

Olga Baranova Portrait

Program Manager

Katherine Hand Portrait

Program Coordinator

The Medical Physics graduate program faculty members are walking in the hallway at Duke

Administrative Council and Student Leadership

Our program is governed by the Medical Physics Administrative Council (MPAC), which consists of the Director, Associate Director, Director of Graduate Studies, 4 track directors as standing members, 2 at-large faculty, and a student representative. In addition, the Student Leadership Advisory Committee (SLAC) is a group of students who help to address issues such as academic programs and curricula, professional development, and long-range goals of the program.