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3D Dosimetry Protocol for MRgIMRT

A paper by Stewart Mein (MS 2016), Leith Rankine (PhD 2019), Dr. Mark Oldham (Radiation Oncology), along with collaborators from Washington University at St. Louis and Rider University, titled “Development of a 3D remote dosimetry protocol compatible with MRgIMRT,” was recently featured in the Medical Physics Web. The paper discusses the development of a high-resolution 3D remote dosimetry protocol to verify MR-guided radiotherapy (MRgIMRT) treatments using PRESAGE. MR-guided radiotherapy uses permanent high-strength magnetic field which further complicates treatment verification. While most conventional dosimeters do not work in high magnetic fields, PRESAGE is a chemical dosimeter which is unaffected by the magnetic field presence and enables true high-resolution 3D dosimetry. This new PRESAGE formulation also allows dosimeters to be shipped and stored at room temperature throughout the protocol.