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Congratulations, Class of 2014!

Duke Medical Physics Program awarded 17 graduate degrees during the commencement and awards ceremony. Congratulations, class of 2014, we are proud of your accomplishments! There are more than 160 other pictures on our Facebook page.

Awards presented:
Director’s Award for Exemplary Service: Linda Poplawski, Susu Yan, Anna Rodrigues, Jing Cai, Robert Reiman, Anuj Kapadia, James Bowsher, Fang-Fang Yin
Research Awards: MS Student: Steven Bache; PhD Student: Matt Belley, Matthew Freeman, You Zhang
Teaching Awards: Justus Adamson, Mark Oldham, Robert Reiman
Teaching Assistant Award: Scott Robertson
Mentorship Award: Bastiaan Driehuys
Academic Performance Award: 1st Year Student: Taoran Cui; 2nd Year Student: Chunhao Wang, Yang Sheng
Carey E. Floyd, Jr., Graduate Fellowship: Justin Solomon

From left to right: Yang Sheng, Xiao Liang, Qijie Huang, Siming Lu, Shelby Grzetic, Jered Wells, Yingxuan Chen, Christopher Smitherman, Drake Brookins, Jacob Jackson, Steven Bache, Baiyu Chen, Qiongge Li, Andrew McVicker, and Sarah Ashmeg. Not shown are Yanan Cao and Kelsey Chisholm. (photo: Taoran Li)