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Fall 2006 Course Schedule

This fall we have our largest selection of courses to date. We introduced 5 new classes: MEDPHY 322 Advanced Radiation Therapy Physics, MEDPHY 331 Advanced Medical Imaging Physics, MEDPHY 360 Public Speaking for Medical Physicists, MEDPHY 228 Clinical Practicum and Shadowing (Radiation Therapy), and MEDPHY 248 Clinical Practicum and Shadowing (Nuclear Medicine). In addition we continue to offer courses from last fall: MEDPHY 205 Anatomy/Physiology for Medical Physics, MEDPHY 200 Radiation Physics, MEDPHY 230/BME 233 Modern Diagnostic Imaging Systems.

We also continue our recurring MEDPHY 251 Seminar in Medical Physics. The seminar schedule this semester includes introductions to the 4 major study tracks that comprise our program, lectures from program faculty: Dr. Mukunduan on nanoparticle contrast agents, Dr. Badea on x-ray imaging of small animals, and Dr. Dobbins on image quality. We are also very pleased to host 3 distinguished outside speakers: Dr. Guy Besson of Forevision Technologies, Dr. Roderic Pettigrew who is director of NIH/NIBIB, and Dr. Geoffrey Ibbott of MD Anderson. Finally there will be a recap of ASTRO conference talks and a round table discussion on professionalism.