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Kapadia Interviewed for Medical Physics Web

Program faculty member Anuj Kapadia and his student Rodrigo Viana were interviewed in the September edition of the Medical Physics Web. The story highlights their August paper in Physics in Medicine and Biology entitled “3D element imaging using NSECT for the detection of renal cancer: a simulation study in MCNP.” Neutron Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography (NSECT) is a new form of neutron imaging, which was applied in this paper for renal cancer detection. Dr. Kapadia said, “Using Monte-Carlo simulations, we showed that NSECT could be used to map in 3D the volume and surface of a tumor in the kidneys based on the composition of the malignant tissue.” The image below is taken from the PMB paper, and shows the 2D images (left), mean pixel intensities (middle) and volume-rendered 3D images (right) for combinations of various isotopes that act as imaging biomarkers.