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McCollough from Mayo Visits Duke

Cynthia H. McCollough, Professor of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and Director of the CT Clinical Innovation Center and X-ray Imaging Core at the Mayo Clinic, visited Duke University Medical Physics Graduate Program. In her lecture, she discussed photon counting detectors and their future in CT imaging. After the seminar, Q&A session took place in the Medical Physics Graduate Program office, where students had an opportunity to discuss Tube Current Modulation (TCM) dose estimation, lung modeling and Xcat, cardiac imaging, and how to become a suspenseful leader in the field of Medical Physics.

The research interests of Cynthia H. McCollough, Ph.D., revolve around the technology of CT imaging and its many clinical applications. As director of Mayo Clinic’s CT Clinical Innovation Center, Dr. McCollough leads a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, research fellows and graduate students on projects seeking to detect and quantify disease using CT imaging. She has particular expertise in the use of CT for quantitative assessment of material composition, disease progression or regression, and organ function, as well as methods to quantify and reduce patient dose.