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Radiation Dosimetry Lab News

From left to right: Dr. Junzo Chino (Rad Onc collaborator), Dr. Therien (Co-Inventor), and Dr. Yoshizumi (Co-inventor)

U.S. Patent entitled, “linear-response nanocrystal scintillators and methods of using the same,” was issued to Dr. Terry Yoshizumi (Radiology), Ian Stanton, and Dr. Mike Therien (Chemistry). This new technology has created opportunities to monitor radiation dose in real-time in brachytherapy, external beam therapy, and small animals due to its small size. By using nano-scintillators, it is possible to create calibration data to correlate radiation dose and measured light, which may be used to directly determine a corresponding dose for a measured light signal or to create a linear model from which the corresponding dose to a measured light value can be calculated. Currently Drs. Yoshizumi and Therien are exploring new applications in neutron detection and 2-D neutron and photon imaging plate.