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Seminar Schedule for Spring 2008

The full seminar schedule is now finalized. Here are just some highlights. We kick off with Dr. Tourassi’s biostats talk, part 2 of 2 which we will likely repeat every 2 years to make sure every MS class gets it. Trust me, you’ll thank her later in life.

Every semester we will bring you at least 1 talk by an MD, this semester we have 2: Dr. Jaffe on imaging for abdominal pain in pregnancy, and Dr. Chin from nukes in a few weeks.

We are starting a few new themed series. Every semester we will present a “hot topic” discussion covering controversial and important issues in med phys. As introduced in Dr. Jaffe’s talk, CT dose is the big issue today when it comes to pediatric imaging. Drs. Frush and Yoshizumi will present both sides of this issue.

We also begin a series we’re calling RT Clinical Practice Lectures, where we will invite our RT clinical faculty to share their practical expertise. Kicking this series off will be Dr. Sua Yoo who will talk about her recent advanced training course in Varian gating systems. This is cutting edge practical clinical insights that very few people in the country are privy to.

We will have 2 student-driven sessions. The first will be 2/14 just before the SPIE Medical Imaging conference, when 3 MEDPHY & BME students will share with you their research while practicing their talks. The second will be 3/6 during the Open House, when MEDPHY students will present posters for each other as well as our visitors.

We are pleased to be able to host 2 outside speakers this semester, Drs. Charles Mistretta and David Townsend, who will be coming near the end of the semester.

Finally, we round out the schedule with research-oriented talks by our own faculty, including Dr. Martin Tornai on multimodality breast imaging, Dr. Joseph Lo on breast tomosynthesis imaging, and Dr. Ehsan Samei on dose and quality optimization of imaging systems.