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New NIH/NIBIB National Center

Center Director Ehsan Samei (right) and Co-Director Paul Segars (left)

Ehsan Samei PhD, received an NIH P41 Program Project grant to establish the Center for Virtual Imaging Trials (CVIT) at Duke University. Joining a prestigious network of national centers funded by NIH/NIBIB, CVIT will create a new way to conduct research in medicine and also disseminate its research to the medical imaging community at large. Samei co-founded our program and served as Director of Graduate Studies and subsequently Director till 2019. All other Center leaders are faculty of Duke radiology and medical physics, including Center Co-Director Paul Segars PhD as well as Ehsan Abadi PhD, Joseph Lo PhD, and Maciej Mazurowski PhD. The Center builds upon the legacy of many of our current and recent students, who created new medical physics tools to simulate virtual patients, virtual scanners, and virtual observers.

For more info, see the story in the Duke Med School Blog: