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Lafata Interviewed on AL & Cancer

Kyle Lafata, PhD (Radiation Oncology, Physics, Class of 2018) recently interviewed with the journal Applied Radiation Oncology regarding the intersection of artificial intelligence and radiation therapy. In the article, Dr. Lafata discusses how computer vision techniques, such as radiomics, pathomics, and deep learning, are actively changing the landscape of cancer medicine. Dr. Lafata also provides some insight regarding multimodal imaging biomarkers that will lead to new opportunities in precision oncology, “by extracting both radiomics and pathomics data, we can start to see the appearance and behavior of disease across different spatial and functional domains”. Expert insight was also provided by Hugo Aerts, PhD and Raymond Mak, MD (Harvard), Andre Dekker, PhD (MAASTRO Clinic), and Mattea Welch (Univ. Toronto).