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Timothy Turkington Named New DGS

Program Director Jim Dobbins announced today that Timothy Turkington has been appointed to the position of director of graduate studies (DGS). Dr Turkington has served the program in many capacities since its inception, including nuclear medicine track director and member of the administrative council. In an email to faculty and students, Dr Dobbins said: “I am writing to let you know of a transition in a key leadership position within our graduate program. After two terms as DGS, Ehsan Samei is stepping down to focus on other leadership efforts within the medical center. Let me say how immensely grateful I am to Ehsan for the superb job he has done as the first DGS of our program. He set us on a path of excellence. He will still be active as a faculty member, but we will miss his involvement in the role of DGS. I am happy to announce that Tim Turkington has been appointed to serve as our new DGS. I am confident that Tim will continue the legacy of excellence in the role of DGS for our future generations of students.”