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Doctorate of Medical Physics (DMP) Survey Results

Check out the results from the National Opinion Survey on Doctorate of Medical Physics Degree Program, a major national effort which was initiated by our students. The survey contacted over 1100 students, residents, faculty, and directors, and received an unprecedented 52% response rate! You can view the final report in a Powerpoint format along with verbatim comments at the above website. Integral players included program director Jim Dobbins and director of graduate studies Ehsan Samei, who are also co-chairs of the Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs (SDAMPP), and members of our Student Advisory Board: Vorakarn Chanyavanich, Ashley Manzoor, Latoya Crayton, Irina Vergalasova, Lauren Courlas, Adam Brooks, and Paco Robles. In an email to program members, Dr Samei said, “I am particularly proud of the fact that the survey was initiated by our students at Duke. Here is an example of how something that was started here has reached national prominence and exposure.”