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Our new website has just launched!

The previous site served us well, but it was time for a redesign to attract top students, publicize our research, and convey our leadership in the community. We also needed to switch to a standardized Duke platform to ensure security, compliance, and ease of update. At the same time, we also refreshed our famous logo, introducing a color variant that matches our new palette. We are still finishing up, but feel free to browse and look around!

Here’s a brief history of our website, which now begins its 4th generation. When the Trustees approved the launch of our program way back in 2004, we threw together the first DIY website over a weekend, because we were racing to get the word out to recruit our first applicants. After graduating our first few classes and hitting our stride, we switched to our first professionally designed site in 2009. Then in 2013, we embraced the modern 3rd gen website, which was so far ahead of its time that it lasted a decade. This was also the beginning of our program’s intentional focus on publicity and recruiting. In addition to the website, a vast team of faculty, staff, and students made professional-level videos, launched the newscast, built up our social media presence, and hosted countless open house events.

We are grateful to the Gen 4 website team and the talented pros at Chapel Hill Web Agency, who read our minds and turned an idea into beautiful reality.