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Welcome to DKU MedPhys Class 2019


(2018-05-11) Welcome to Duke Kunshan University (DKU) Medical Physics Graduate Program MS Class 2019! Fourteen students from China will spend their third and fourth semesters studying and conducting research on Duke Campus in Durham, NC, USA. Starting in the Summer 2018 Semester, the DKU MedPhys second year class will take advanced graduate courses, practicums, and shadowing courses at Duke University Medical Center; will work in laboratories in Radiology and Radiation Oncology Departments with their Duke faculty research co-advisors.  


New NIH/NIBIB R21 Grant Received

(2018-04-27) Congratulations to Drs. Joseph Lo (Radiology) and Benjamin Wiley (Chemistry) on receiving an NIH/NIBIB R21 grant entitled “3D Printing of Anatomically Realistic Phantoms for Optimization of Imaging Algorithms.” This 2-year project will create “phantoms” or test instruments that use 3D printing to mimic human anatomy, thus allowing researchers and physicians to test new CT and other imaging systems in ways that are clinically relevant. Co-investigators include Dr. Ehsan Samei (Radiology) and Michael Gehm (ECE). For project information click here.



Duke Superior Alumni Network

(2018-04-27) Duke's alumni are using Alumnifire for Duke to open doors for each other in the real world. It's a free site where members of the Duke network can share jobs, advice, events, ideas and more. Let's unlock the value of our alumni network.


Duke-NIH Photon-counting CT collaboration

(2018-04-13) As part of a new Duke and NIH collaboration focusing on harnessing the potential of emerging photon-counting CT technology, Jayasai Rajagopal (PhD student, Advisor: Dr. Samei), will be working with a prototype photon-counting CT system (Siemens, Germany) at the NIH Clinical Center under the supervision of Dr. Brad Wood. His work will focus on evaluation of image quality and the benefits offered by photon-counting CT when compared to conventional and dual-energy methods. Other members of the collaboration pictured on the left side include Dr. Ehsan Samei and Dr. Daniele Marin of Duke University.



Welcome to New MedPhys Faculty

(2018-04-13) Welcome to the to the Medical Physics Program new faculty members: Dr. Kathryn Nightingale, Professor (BME), Dr. Warren Warren, Professor (Chemistry), Dr. Yunfeng Cui, Assistant Professor (Radiation Oncology), Dr. Yun Yang, Medical Physicist (Radiation Oncology), Dr. Justin Solomon, Radiation Physicist (CIPG) and Dr. Aiping Ding, Radiation Physicist (CIPG).