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New Study in Radiation Dosage

(2017-09-29) A newly-published study by Dr. Ehsan Samei (Radiology), Dr. Xiang Li (Class 2010), and Dr. Donald Frush (Radiology) offers a new framework which allows physicians and imaging developers to tailor radiation dose to achieve a quantitative target of image quality of pediatric patients. The result is important as body size is a particularly dominant factor for pediatric patients in CT imaging considering the wide range of age group. In the future, this methodology can be used to optimize individual scan parameters and provide for consistent diagnostic performance across the broad range of children body sizes. (Read more)



Life and Evolution as Physics

(2017-09-29) To start the Distinguished Lecture series for the 2017-2018 academic year, Dr. Adrian Bejan (Mechanical Engineering), gave a thought-provoking talk revolving around the Constructal Law, titled “Life and Evolution as Physics.” Constructal Law, which simply states “For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it,” was first introduced by Dr. Bejan in 1996. Interestingly, it has been able to consistently describe many phenomena, including airport design, spread of city population and successfully predicted the 2008 Beijing Olympics outcomes.

The lecture was immediately followed by speaker meet and greet as well as a student-led townhall discussion, in which students were able to ask Dr. Bejan follow-up questions regarding his talk and career directly. The next distinguished lecture is planned for October 26, 2017 with speaker Dr. Donald Cool of the Radiation Safety Electric Power Research Institute.


2017 Fall Retreat Recap

(2017-09-15) Over 80 students, faculty, and alumni attended the 2017 Fall Retreat at the Haw River State Park, NC this past weekend. This year’s topic was “Achieving Excellence in Academics, Communication, Community.” Keynote remarks were delivered by Jeff Polish of The Monti, highlighting the importance of storytelling in scientific presentation, as well as Dr. Robert Beichner (Education), Dr. Zbigniew Kabala (Communication), and Paul James (Community). The retreat started off on Friday (9/8) with team-building activities and an alumni panel where Steve Bach (MS 2014), Titania Juang (PhD 2015), Michael Trager (MS 2017), and James Spencer (MS 2017), graciously shared their experiences. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn basic survival skills and orienteering directly from the Haw River State Park instructors. In addition, some of our students, faculties, and alumni showcased their talents through the annual medical physics talent show. Performers include: The Ultrasound Acapella Group (Jeff Fenoli, Taylor Smith, Ryan Pappafotis, James Spencer, Bria Moore, James Jensen, Jonathan Cuthbertson), Ruiqi Geng and James Spencer (Solo Pianists), the Background Noise band (Paul Yoon, James Spencer, and Dr. Samei), X-Ray Spectrum Dance Group (Yingxuan Chen, Sydney Shen, Xiaoning Liu, Yixin Ma, Xiaoyu Duan), and Sagarika Jain (Solo Vocalist).

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We would like to thank our student leaders for yet another successful retreat!

Oldham Receives New NIH Grant

(2017-09-15) Dr. Mark Oldham (Radiation Oncology) has recently received a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from the NIH titled: “A Practical and Versatile High-Resolution 3D Dosimetry System for Clinical Use”. The project focuses on developing practical and versatile high-resolution 3D dosimetry system for clinical use, which can improve Quality Assurance (QA) procedure in radiation therapy and ensure effective delivery and patient safety. The long-term goal is to commercialize the Presage/Optical-CT system and meet the need for an economic but hugely capable fully 3D dosimetry system for the general clinic, capable of in-house use (with re-useable PRESAGE® formulations) or for remote offsite long-distance credentialing type verification (stable PRESAGE®). The Presage/Optical-CT 3D dosimetry system will be a listed FDA medical device commercially sold by Heuris Inc. Read abstract here.


Announcing Distinguished Lecture

Adrian Bejan, PhD, Duke University
J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
"Life and Evolution as Physics"
Sep. 21, 2017; 2:30 PM; Bryan Research Bld. Auditorium
Reception and townhall discussion will follow

Professor Bejan's research covers engineering science and applied physics: thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, convection, porous media. More recently, he developed the constructal law of organization and evolution in nature.

Professor Bejan was ranked in 2001 among the 100 most highly cited authors worldwide in engineering (all fields, all countries), the Institute for Scientific Information. Professor Bejan has received 18 honorary doctorates from universities in 11 countries.

Adrian Bejan is the author of 30 books and over 600 peer-referred articles. In August 2017, his h-index is 87 on Google Scholar and 60 on the Web of Science.