News & Events

Dr. Adam Wax's debut with low-cost OCT scanner

(2017-02-22) Congratulations to Dr. Adam Wax (BME) and the rest of the Lumedica team on debuting a new low-cost optical coherence tomography (OCT) scanner at the BiOS Expo at the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco in early February. The developers hope this more affordable scanner will dramatically extend the impact of OCT imaging technology for eye health and aims to sell the systems for $10,000, a significant difference to the typical entry-level equipment cost of at least $35,000. Lumedica is hoping to raise around $500,000 to further reduce the size of the scanner equipment to make it more portable and eventually develop even cheaper systems for more widespread use by optometrists for “red flag” diagnostics, picking up early signs of diseases like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. (Read more)


Solomon Paper on Cover of Medical Physics

(2017-02-22) Congratulations Dr. Solomon (Alum'16, Radiology), and co-authors, for being featured on the December 2016 cover of Medical Physics. This paper describes a new 3D printing method that was developed and used to fabricate novel CT phantoms (test objects) containing volumetric textures. Traditional phantoms have uniform backgrounds making them overly artificial compared to real clinical images. The texture in these new phantoms is based on CT scans of the liver making them much more realistic. The phantoms were then used to see how image quality is affected by texture for several CT image reconstruction algorithms.

Solomon J, Ba A, Bochud F, Samei E: Comparison of low-contrast detectability between two CT reconstruction algorithms using voxel-based 3D printed textured phantoms, Medical Physics Volume 43, Issue 12 December 2016 Pages 6497–6506.



Smith selected Imalogix Fellow

(2017-02-10) We are pleased to announce that we have our first Imalogix fellow, Taylor Smith. Taylor is a second year PhD student working on devising methods to assess image quality from clinical images. The selection involved concordance of both the MedPhys program and the company. This position, enabled by a grant from medInt Holdings, LLC, is to advance the science of safety and quality informatics.



Spring 2017 Open House

(2017-02-04) On February 2-4, 2017, the Medical Physics Graduate Program welcomed prospective students for the Spring Open House. This year, the program implemented Multiple-Mini Interviews (MMI), in addition to regular interviews, for both PhD and MS Candidates. The idea is that this method offers more granular, objective, and quantitative assessment of the applicant – helping us and the applicants to make better decisions. Therefore, in a large faculty and student collaborative effort, the visitors had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of topics, ranging from research to life in Durham.  Additionally, they went on tours of the hospital, Duke University campus, and downtown Durham and were treated to meals from popular restaurants around town. 



Truong and Darnell Receive GE Grant

(2017-01-24) Congratulations to faculty members Dr. Dean Darnell (Alumnus’15, Radiology) and Dr. Trong-Kha Truong (Radiology) for receiving a GE Healthcare Grant focused on MRI research. This research is centered on the development of novel MRI RF head coil arrays that improve the MRI main field homogeneity during functional MRI (fMRI) and structural diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which removes geometric distortions and signal loss native to these MRI sequences.