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Graduation 2022 full event video

(2022-05-12) Full event video is up from the Graduation and Awards Ceremony that took place on May 8, 2022, back in person at the Washington Duke Inn for the first time in 3 years! Congrats again to our 5 PhD and 14 MS medical physics graduates from the Class of 2022!


​1.     00:47 Reflections from Director
2.     11:27 Presentation of Awards
3.     31:17 Awarding of Diplomas
4.  1:11:25 Moments to Remember
5.  1:23:08 Postlude​

Wang appointed Director of Health Physics Track

Chu Wang PhD was just appointed as Director for the Medical Health Physics track, 1 of 4 tracks comprising our academic program. Dr Wang earned a bachelor’s degree in Medical & Health Physics from McMaster University and both his master’s and doctoral degrees in Medical Physics from Duke University. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Physics (ABMP) and the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP).

After graduating from Duke, Dr. Wang worked for five years as the Associate Radiation Safety Officer at the University of Pittsburgh, servicing the joint broad-scope radiation safety program which covered all research- and medical-radiation use at the University of Pittsburgh as well as the academically affiliated hospitals of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health System. Dr. Wang and his family moved back here in 2020.
Presently, Dr. Wang serves as the Assistant Director of the Radiation Safety Division of the Occupational Environmental Safety Office (OESO) at Duke, servicing the broad-scope radiation safety programs at Duke University and the Duke University Health System (DUHS). Academically, Dr. Wang holds faculty appointments with the Medical Physics Graduate Program and the Department of Radiology.
Besides his operational responsibilities for the institution, Dr. Wang is dedicated to help develop the next generation of medical physicists – especially medical health physicists – to enhance our society’s collective knowledge and service capacity in radiation protection and radiation dosimetry.


2022 Graduation and Awards Ceremony

Today we graduated 14 MS and 5 PhD medical physics students! Their names and advisors are listed below.

Graduate Advisor(s)
Njood Jamal Alsaihati, MS Ehsan Samei, Justin Solomon
Mridul Bhattarai, MS Ehsan Samei
Madhura Khandekar, MS Ehsan Samei, Justin Solomon
Trevor Dean Mckeown, MS Ehsan Samei, Scott Robertson
Qi-Cheng (Jasmine) Chen, MS Dean Darnell, Trong-Kha Truong
Jonathan David Cuthbertson, PhD Dean Darnell, Trong-Kha Truong
Devon Karl Overson, MS Dean Darnell, Trong-Kha Truong
Devin Anna Willey, PhD Dean Darnell, Trong-Kha Truong
Stefan Matthias Stryker, PhD Joel Greenberg, Anuj Kapadia
Mason Scott Hazlett, MS Greg Palmer
Ashlyn Grace Rickard, PhD Mark Dewhirst
Brett Erickson, MS Justus Adamson, Yunfeng Cui
Breylon Riley, MS Kyle Lafata
Amadu Toronka, MS Kyle Lafata
Simon Alexander Brundage, MS Mark Oldham
Brendan Daniel Koch, MS Mark Oldham
Brett William Eckroate, MS Oana Craciunescu, Julie Raffie
Billie Ann Radcliffe, MS Oana Craciunescu, Sheridan Meltsner
Justin M. Raudabaugh, PhD Terry Yoshizumi

In addition, the following awards were conferred during the ceremony:

Director’s Awards for Exceptional Contributions and Services:

  • Breylon Riley
  • Trevor McKeown
  • Joseph Lo

Zachary D. Shrock Memorial Scholarship:

  • Kyle Ferguson

Carey E. Floyd, Jr., Graduate Fellowship:

  • Xinyi Li
  • Zach Gude

James T. Dobbins III Leadership Award:

  • Billie Ann Radcliffe

Distinguished Faculty Awards:

  • Terry Yoshizumi
  • Jim Dobbins

Congratulations to all our graduates and award recipients! Watch for the video links to come soon for the full event and highlights.

Graduation 2021 Highlights Video

(2022-02-11) Here are highlights from last year's graduation ceremony for our Class of 2021. We condensed the 1.5 hour event down to just 7.5 minutes.

Program Leadership

(2022-01-13) Check out our new Leadership page that focuses on the leadership of the Duke Medical Physics Graduate Program. See our executive team and administrative council at work. We provide our mission and vision statements. Finally, we recount a timeline of key historical milestones.