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Dobbins elected as AAPM President

(2019-07-19) James Dobbins III, PhD (Radiology), has been elected as President-elect of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM). He will serve a 3-year term beginning January 1, 2020 - Year 1 as President-elect, year 2 as President, and year 3 as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Dobbins is a faculty member at the Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories (RAILabs), a co-founder and the former director of the Duke Medical Physics Graduate Program, and Associate Vice Provost and Director for the Office of Duke Kunshan University Programs.

Congratulations, Dr. Dobbins!


Faculty Promotion

(2019-07-19) Anuj Kapadia, PhD (Radiology), has been promoted to Associate Professor of Radiology. Dr. Kapadia is a faculty member at the Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories (RAILabs) and serves as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Medical Physics Graduate Program. He leads research projects on X-ray scatter imaging, Monte-Carlo simulation, and CT dosimetry.

Congratulations, Dr. Kapadia, and thank you for your endless quest for excellence among faculty, staff and students.



Judith Stitt Best Abstract Award

(2019-06-14) Sydney Shen (MS’19, advisor: Dr. Oana Craciunescu), is one of the 4 recipients of the Judith Stitt Best Abstract Award from the American Brachytherapy Society(ABS) for her work titled: “Real-time verification of cylinder-based GYN HDR treatments using a fiber-optic detector”. This project is to test if a fiber-optic nano-particle terminated detector (NanoFOD) can be used with a real clinical HDR cylinder-type applicator, focusing on determining the limitation of detectability of the NanoFOD system in real-time in vaginal cylinder HDR brachytherapy.

The Judith Stitt Best Abstract Award recipients are selected through the ABS’s meticulous scientific committee review process and the recipients’ abstracts are presented in the Annual Meeting’s plenary session. The 2019 Annual Meeting saw hundreds of abstract submissions, and four abstracts stood out to receive the award named for and established in the memory of Dr. Judith Stitt, who was very active in the ABS. 


Physics of Medical Imaging Book

(2019-06-14) Dr. Ehsan Samei (Duke Radiology) and Dr. Donald Peck (Henry Ford Health System Radiology) recently released the fifth edition of the textbook Hendee's Physics of Medical Imaging. With updated graphics, and new sections for the latest imaging techniques, this book is an excellent introductory resource for new students and also serves as a comprehensive review for those pursuing residency or board certification in medical physics and radiology. Features include highly readable text- and image-based explanations, with minimal equations, plus an intuitive organizational structure directly tying particle physics, radiobiology, and human anatomy/physiology to the imaging modalities discussed. The authors worked diligently to provide a wide variety of audience members with a thorough and accurate compendium of medical-imaging information that stands to benefit readers in all stages of their careers. We appreciate the authors' time and effort! The book can be find here.



Welcome DKU MEDPHY Class

(2019-05-31) The Duke University Medical Physics Graduate Program welcomes 13 visiting MS students from Duke Kunshan University Medical Physics Program, China. The students will be taking classes and conducting different research projects in Durham until the end of December 2019. This year, Duke students, including co-coordinators Yushi Chang and Wentao Wang (PhD 2021), play a major role in planning social events and serving as mentors to ensure our DKU students feel welcomed while pursuing their academic endeavor here at Duke University.